Retirement Living

Ruiyi Chunxili Boutique Innovative Health Community was developed for providing the clients in demand of enjoying leisure time, restoring health, spending luxurious vacation and absorbing oneself in pastoral life.

This community takes up to 107.4mu(a unit of area ,1 mu equals to 0.0667 hectares) of land, and is designed to have 39.51% of green ratio and 24.45% of building density, forging to be a overall 80,000 square meter International Care Center. The Nursing Center is the most important part for the elderly in this community, occupying 56709.60 square meters. The supporting facilities and medical center of the Nursing center cover an area of 11393.94 and 4168.95 square meters. The functional region has been designed to fit about a thousand elder people and provide them with the advanced and a good variety of equipment.

In order to ensure the comfort for the elderly and meet various demands, the Nursing Center put great efforts in air ventilation and natural lights design. Wuzhong hopes the residents here will be able to get close to nature easily and feel a sense of home in this multi-story building.

Development Concept:

Respect Architecture life, Care for quality life
Construction Idea:

Harmonious with nature,raised in no worries, safe with happiness and loved in kindness.
Design Concept:

Close to the water, wood and green.
Service Concept:

Safety, health, culture and respect

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