Evergreen Garden

Located in the junctions of Carrum Downs, Sandburst and Skype of Frankston,   southeast of Melbourne, Everygreen Garden has superb geographic location and great supporting facilities.  This is the early-developed area in Melbourne and now becomes relatively mature. Regarding to the transportation, this project is close to M3, M11 and other highways, and the residents only need to drive 40 minutes from their home to the center of Melbourne, 10 minutes to Phillip Harbor Beach, and less than 5 minutes to the nearest primary school, middle school, hospitals, shopping centers, hotels and golf courses.

With great efforts, we are trying to help people find tranquil and harmonious life here and willing to provide multiple house type for your reference. Evergreen Garden will be a perfect choice if you are searching for a 2-bedroom or 3-bedroom dream house. Hope you and your family enjoy the life here.

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