Wuzhong Group Introduction

Formed in 1993, Wu Zhong Group has been accumulated after more than 20 years of development. It has become a large modern service enterprise group which combines diversification and specialization and is dominated by modern service industry, and has landed in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hongkong capital markets successively. The group was listed as the key development and development enterprise in Jiangsu province. The list of "500 strong Chinese private enterprises" and "the top 100 of Chinese service enterprises" was listed for eight consecutive years, and the title of "Suzhou city landmark enterprise" was awarded for seven years in a row, and "Jiangsu province civilization unit" for eleven years. Since the reform of the system, the cumulative tax payment has exceeded 5 billion yuan. It has been rated as the "big taxpayer in Suzhou" for nine consecutive years and ranked No. 1 in Wuzhong District eight times.

The group grasps the opportunity brought about by the process of urbanization, and advances with the time of the transformation of the industrial strategy. It is committed to providing the high-quality products and services needed for the urbanization operation. It is based on the development, construction, operation and service of the city. At present, it has formed the main board with the construction and operation of the city, the financial services and the car sales service. The "3 +" and "2" life service industries, with assets and sales revenues of more than 10 billion yuan, are strategically emerging.

Urban construction and operation is the main industrial sector of the Wuzhong group, covering the development of housing, regional comprehensive development and infrastructure construction, tourism real estate.


The Group grasps the opportunities brought about by urbanization, and keeps pace with the times on our path of strategic restructuring of the industry, and is dedicated to providing high-quality products and service needed by urbanization operation. Currently, an industrial pattern mainly featuring urban construction and operation, financial service and automobile distribution has been initially developed, and our assets and sales revenues have both surpassed RMB 10 billion.

Urban construction and operation is a main industrial sector of Wuzhong Group, covering residential development, regional comprehensive development and infrastructure construction, tourist real estate, business real estate, industrial and senior housing real estate, as well as public utilities services.


The Suzhou Municipal Public Welfare Foundation (hereinafter referred to as "the foundation") was set up by the Suzhou Civil Affairs Bureau in September 2017 by the Wu Zhong Group, helping the people who are unable to carry out corneal blindness for corneal transplantation because of poverty in the whole country, complete the transplant treatment, let the patients revisit the bright and restart life. The purpose of the boat of hope is to help others find light and change their minds. The slogan is "See Wuzhong, see spring".

The first phase of the fund is planned for 10 years, and 100 cases of corneal blindness are transplanted annually, and 1000 cases of poor patients are donated.

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