Dongwu High-level Talented Children's Base School Foundation


On the morning of September 26, the signing ceremony of 'Dongwu High-level Talented Children's Base School' was held in Tiancheng Middle School, Suzhou.

Zhang Ying, Standing Committee of Wuzhong District Committee, Minister of Organizational Department, leaders of relevant departments, streets administration, Wuzhong Group and educational investment companies, as well as high-level talent representatives and the first batch of principals of base schools, conducted the signing ceremony after visiting Suzhou North American International High School, Suzhou North American Foreign Language School and Suzhou Tiancheng Middle School.

In order to further enhance the sense of belonging of high-level talents and meet the actual needs of high-level talents'children to enjoy high-quality private education, from the first half of this year, the 'Dongwu High-level Talents' Children's Base School' was planned by Wuzhong District Talents Office, District Education Bureau and Suzhou Education Investment Co., Ltd. in order to provide more targeted services for high-level talents'children's education. The Suzhou North American International High School, the Suzhou North American Foreign Language School, the Suzhou Tiancheng Middle School and the Suzhou Wuzhong District Tiancheng Kindergarten under the banner of Suzhou Education Investment Co., Ltd. have become the first batch of 'Dongwu High-level Talented Children's Base Schools'.

Base schools should not only build high-quality educational plateau, but also cultural plateau with Soviet-style humanities. Young craftsmen in Wuzhong should become teachers of base schools, and young craftsmen should also be trained in the process of coming to the platform. To this end, Suzhou Educational Investment and Wuzhong Youth Handicraft Association signed a co-construction agreement. In the future, the traditional crafts courses such as Su fan, silk and Walnut carving will be introduced into the classroom, so that students can experience the charm and peculiarity of traditional crafts.

The signing of the base school has received the positive response and high recognition of the talent representatives. This year, some provincial talents sent their children to Suzhou North American International Senior High School. The school and Wuzhong Talent Office also carried out a policy of assisting students.


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